Only 10 mins from Lancaster City Centre

Historic St. George’s Quay was built in 1750, during Lancaster’s Golden Age as a port.  Lancaster imported sugar, cotton, rum and mahogany and exported furniture and general merchandise to the colonies in North America and West Indies.

Lancaster’s was England’s fourth largest port and legend has it that there were 50 hostelries along St George’s Quay, catering for the crews that picked up slaves from Africa which then travelled to America to trade them for cargoes of rum, spices and tobacco.

The Wagon & Horses (then the Cart & Horses) was a beer house, quenching the thirst of those who toiled for a living. Frequented mostly by workers and the poor, beer houses were often hotbeds of vice with the drinking day beginning at 6am and continuing until late in the night.

We’re only 10 minutes walk from Lancaster City Centre.


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