Autumn/Winter Menu


Soup of the day (GF available on request) – £5.50

Texan baked beans (Vegan) (GF available on request)

A mix of beans baked in a tomato and spice sauce. Served with a wedge of homemade cornbread.- £5.50

Loaded option of smoked bacon and fried egg £1.50 extra.

Savoury churros

Applewood smoke cheese churros covered in grated parmesan served with a tomato jam and charcoal vintage cheddar dipping custard – £6.25

Beef and ox empanadas

Type of fried pasty popular in Latin America. Ours are filled with shin of beef and ox cheek served with refried beans and chimichurri – £6.95

Loaded tortilla chips (vegan)

Fried tortilla chips loaded with chilli mixed beans, guacamole and salsa – £5.50

Chicken wings pick your flavour

served with a mini ranch salad, choose from 3 classic flavours:

wagons bourbon BBQ (GF), southern fried or chimichurri (GF) – £6.25

American pancakes and bacon

A savoury thyme and paprika pancake topped with bacon jam and oozy brie cheese – £6.25

Southern mussels (GF available on request)

Steaming hot mussels smothered in a sauce made from tomatoes, chorizo, herbs and cream served with a fresh bread roll – £6.50

Chilli Mexican cheese corns (GF)

Corn on the cob smothered in spices, cheese and butter slowly roasted – £5.50

Pea and sweetcorn cakes (vegan)

A light fluffy cake made with pea and sweet corn served with avocado salsa Verde – £5.50

Sharing Platters – £12.95 (price per 2 people)

Chefs selection taken from the starters & bar menu.

Vegan option available.


Sizzling Fajitas

Brought to your table on sizzling pans served with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese and warm tortilla wraps – £12.95

Choice of Chicken, Beef sirloin strips or Halloumi

Still smoking clam chowder

Clam, crayfish and smoked bacon chowder with roasted parmentier potatoes, dried Parma ham and a big wedge of corn bread – £14.50

Shrimp and grits (GF)

This traditional dish from the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina and Georgia. Tender shrimps, red and green peppers on top of a rich cheddar loaded bowl of grits – £13.95

Black and Cheese

The wagon twist on “Mac & Cheese” using vintage charcoal cheddar giving you a mac and cheese not as you know it – £12.95

Add succulent Cajun fried shrimps £3.50 extra.

Baby Back Ribs

Succulent and tender pork ribs charred on the grill served with skinny fries, Cajun slaw and charred corn – £14.50

Marinade choice of Bourbon bbq (GF), Cajun dry rub (GF) or Cider and apple (GF)

Mixed bean chilli with rice and tortilla chips (Vegan)

A mixture of native Mexican beans in a tomato chilli and cumin sauce served on a bed of steamed basmati rice and topped with crunchy tortilla chips – £12.95


Jambalaya is a quintessential one pot recipe with chicken, sausage, shrimp and rice, coming to you from New Orleans – £13.95

Wagon Fried Chicken

Tender chicken drumsticks and thighs coated in our own tasty secret blend of 12 herbs and spices served with skinny fries, Cajun slaw and a charred corn. Lip lickin’ good – £13.95

Southern Mussels (Mejillones) (GF available)

Pot of steaming mussels with king prawns smothered in a sauce of tomatoes, chorizo, herbs and cream served with a fresh bread roll – £13.95

Baked Fish

Oven baked catch of the day served on a bed of mixed peppers and chorizo served with spiced sweet potato wedges and topped with a bourbon whisky creole sauce – £14.95

Shipwreck Stew

A great winter warmer for the cold days. Minced beef, kidneys beans and tacos brought together in a lightly spiced stew and served with a wedge of corn bread – £14.50


Choose from one of our amazing burgers topped with Monterey jack cheese and served with skinny fries, Cajun slaw and frickles – £13.95

8oz handmade beef burger topped with smoked bacon and relish (GF available)

Whole chicken breast coated in our Cajun spice and topped with smoked bacon mayo (GF available)

Pork ribeye steak grilled and covered in Wagon bourbon bbq sauce

Black eyed pea, green peas and chilli patty topped with guacamole (vegan) (GF available)

Puff Pastry Pie

Beautifully rich and ever-changing puff pastry pie served with vegetables and triple cooked chips – £14.50

Fish and Chips (GF on request)

Robinsons beer battered Haddock served with minted mushy peas, triple cooked chips and Wagon tartar sauce – £13.95


All served with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, crispy peppered onions plus your choice of cream mash, triple cooked chips or skinny fries

10oz Sirloin steak – £18.95

8oz Ribeye – £17.50

8oz free range breast of chicken – £13.95

8oz Pork Ribeye – £14.95

Sweet honey and orange glaze gammon rack steak on the bone with sweet pineapple and fried egg – £14.50

Sauces –

£2.50 per portion

Chimchurri, Bourbon & Beef Stock, Wagon Bourbon BBQ, Peppercorn, Smoked Bacon Mayo’

Sides –

Frickles – £1.95  Cajun Slaw – £1.95  Texan Beans – £2.50  Ranch Salad – £3.25

Onion Rings – £1.95   Fat cut or Skinny Fries – £2.50  Dirty Fries – £3.25

Creamed Mash – £2.50  Side Vegetables – £2.50   Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges – £3.25

Sunday Lunch

A proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings – perfectly cooked beef or chicken, crisp roasties, loads of fresh seasonal veg & gravy­ that would put your Mum to shame £11.50

FOOD ALLERGENS AND INTOLERANCES Before ordering drinks or food please speak with a member of our team about your requirements

We use ‘gluten free’ products (GF) where stated to the standard set of 20 parts per million (ppm) however all our food is processed in an environment that uses standard flour products.

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