Fresh, local and delicious

If loving food is wrong, lock us up now. Just the thought of it makes our mouths water. From top quality cuts of meat and fresh veg and greens – sourced locally of course – to the catch of the day cooked in our secret recipe – we love it all.

It’s why we take so much care that every dish leaves our kitchen looking amazing, why we make all our own relishes and why we grow most of our own herbs right here.

You see, we know that it’s the extra care and attention to detail that our customers remember, and that’s exactly what makes our menu a bit special.

We’re open for food Wednesday & Thursday 12 to 2.30pm  then 6 to 9pm – Friday 12 to 2.30pm then 6 to 10pm Saturday 12 to 10pm – Sunday 12 to 8pm.

Sunday Lunch Sunday when we do a  proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings – perfectly cooked joints, crisp roasties, loads of fresh seasonal veg & gravy that would put your Mum to shame for only £12.50

Now what do you fancy?

  • Summer Menu

    Scrumptious mix of mouth-watering fusion dishes

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  • Light Bite & Sandwiches

    For smaller appetites

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  • Desserts

    Our desserts are prepared fresh using the finest ingredients, and we put our heart and soul into each one.

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  • Sunday Lunch

    A proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings – perfectly cooked meat, only £12.50

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  • Our Wine List

    To compliment your meal we pride ourselves on a range of delicious wines, red, rose, white and sparkling. From the velvety plum flavours of the Argentinan Casarena Malbec to the pear and lemon that floods the taste buds from the Casas Del Toqui Sauvignon Blanc Every bottle has been carefully chosen by Paul to complement and enhance your culinary experience.

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