Wagon & Horses Gift Vouchers

Did you know we can create a bespoke voucher for you?

Whatever occasion you’re celebrating let us know and we’ll design a special voucher marking the event dedicated to your loved one.

Eighty two years ago the first book tokens went on sale in the UK – in time for the Christmas rush of 1932.

The brainchild of publisher Harold Raymond – who questioned the “capacity for giving pleasure” of many festive gifts – it inspired a new form of giving.

Four years later, Boots issued the first individual store vouchers in the UK. Via Green Shield Stamps and High Street Vouchers, their popularity increased until – by the mid-1980s – a voucher in a Christmas card was a standard get-out for uncles bereft of inspiration.

So it remains in their modern incarnation – the gift card – sales of which totalled more than £4bn last year.

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