Live Music @ The Wagon

We believe listening to live music is one of the most pleasurable things you can do because a live performance is a more memorable experience and there is more joy to listening to live music isn’t there? Probably that’s because the performing artist gets to share his or her sentiments and feelings with the audience and when the music is live the crowd can get involved singing along, clapping and even dancing.

We also want to show our support by giving a platform to some of the very talented, local bands and artists and showcase the amazing, diverse and interesting music.

14/07/2017         Friday                    New Jave Quartet

21/07/2017         Friday                    The Truce

03/08/2017         Thursday             New Riverside Jazz Band

11/08/2017         Friday                    Sold To The Sky

18/08/2017         Friday                    Born To Rock

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